Thursday, August 19, 2010

Magic Hat Beer Pairing Dinner

Once per month, the Tap House Grill holds a beer pairing dinner at each of its four Chicagoland locations. For each beer pairing dinner, Chef Todd Davies chooses a brewery and creates a five course meal to go with five of that brewery's beers. Last night, I attended the Tap House Grill's Magic Hat beer pairing. Now, instead of reviewing each of the beers or the food, I will simply say that the meal was incredible and I can't wait for next month's pairing with Guinness brewery. Here are some pictures and descriptions of each course.

Pre-meal Reception - #9
We were started off with a pint of #9 and a bunch of cool Magic Hat swag.

1st Course - Wacko
Wacko, a very light summer ale, was paired with organic chicken and a horseradish cucumber raita.

2nd Course - Odd Notion Summer '10 (Wild Ginger Ale)
Odd Notion was paired with a crispy scallop and shitake wonton over twice-cooked duck in a banana sauce. This was my favorite course of the meal.

3rd Course - #9
#9, the not quite pale ale, was paired with #9 braised P.E.I. mussels over corn and Spanish chorizo. This course was awesome and a very close second favorite.

P.S. The restaurant got progressively darker, so I had to bust out the flash.

4th Course - Blind Faith
Blind Faith IPA was paired with seared all-natural beef striploin atop a rosemary cauliflower gorgonzola croquette.

5th Course - Circus Boy
Circus Boy hefeweizen was paired with a frozen banana and cashew mousse, drizzled with hazelnut chocolate sauce. This was a delicious dessert.