Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hop Juice Double India Pale Ale

During my beer run, Hop Juice was the last beer I put into my basket. I was skeptical because, although Two Brothers is incredibly local for me, I haven't liked anything from them. Domaine DuPage couldn't be more blah. However, I was immediately surprised by its strong fruity aroma and thick head. This beer rocks 100.1 IBU and 9.9% ABV, but I never felt overwhelmed by bitterness or tasted the alcohol. The hoppy/fruity flavor lasted well after each sip was over. I've started salivating just thinking about it. This beer had a very similar flavor to Lagunitas IPA, which happens to be my favorite IPA. Unfortunately, this one is only available in bombers, so it ends up being a little pricey per ounce, but since it is a limited release it's worth picking up a bottle before it disappears.

Head: 3.0
Total Score: 4.0

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