Thursday, July 10, 2008

Night Tripper Imperial Stout

This one is from the New Holland Brewing Company from Holland, Michigan. You know, that annoying place your parents take you when you're 12? The place with the windmills that haven't been painted in 24 years? The place that has wasp nests in the holes of its mini golf courses? You know the place. Well here's a beer from the town you hope never to return, until you have 12 year olds of your own.
On to the beer. Night Tripper is brewed for Fat Tuesday and is darker than your blackout on last year's Ash Wednesday Eve. I put it up to a lamp and the light rays couldn't penetrate the beer. It also smells like teriyaki sauce. At first, it taste a little burnt and maybe even cigarette-like but it leaves a nice aftertaste, like that of coffee. I enjoy this beer, but I can't say that I love it.

Taste: 3.0
Head: 2.0
Total Score:

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